WDS: Professional data solutions
Wind Data Service (WDS) is a professional and comprehensive data solution provided by Wind. Relying on our decades of practice and experience in data industry, WDS has built strong competitive advantage in terms of data coverage, such as financial data, business data, macro-economy, news information and public opinions etc. as well as data service capacity. We support diversified transmission channels, such as filesync database, API, HTML widget, excel plug-in etc., to transfer data precisely, timely and integrally to our clients. We provide professional data solutions to financial institutions, professional service institutions, government agencies, academic institutions, etc. to assist your business operations. With Wind Data Service, you are guaranteed to access a comprehensive, stable, in-depth and consistent database that can meet your needs and expectations from different business scenarios.
WDS understands you and your business better
Data Synchronization
Wind provides accurate, timely and complete landing database for quantitative investment and various financial business systems. Data transmission is realized through database synchronization solutions, which is compatible with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other database formats. Users can receive the data file package pushed by the server end through special line or Internet to complete the data receiving and storage work.
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Server API
Relying on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, API gateway and other technical bases, Wind provides enterprise customers with massive, diversified and high-quality data interface services. We can sufficiently replicate Wind indicator algorithm, models and logics, to help clients build quantitative models, develop personalized applications and integrate internal systems conveniently. We are confident to satisfy diversified needs by various clients from different industries.
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Real-Time Quotes
Aggregates real-time market data, historical market data and related derivative index for various financial institutions. Provides fast response and high-quality data services through unified data interface. Supports quantitative investment, research, algorithmic trading, high-frequency trading, programmatic trading, statistical arbitrage, portfolio management, risk control and other business applications.
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HTML Widget
Facing specific business scenarios, Wind has built abundant and high-quality HTML Widget, which supports plug-in to PC, mobile and applet. The HTML Widget is closely correlated with the original system, and supports secondary development. HTML Widget realizes the flexible circulation and integration of data, application and service from customer side.
Wind data coverage with industry leading advantages
Reference Data
We summarized client needs, and launched a series of standard security databases. After years of industry practices, the reference data service has broad data coverage, authoritative table structures, user-friendly table layout and affiliation, which able to satisfy diversified data requests such as quantification and data research. As the leading financial data provider in China, we strengthen investment professionals by accurate and comprehensive data on stocks, bonds, funds, futures, assets management, financing products, press releases, quantitative factors, etc.
Commercial and Enterprise Data
Wind commercial and enterprise datasets cover information of over 200 million business entities and profiles of around 270 million C-level executives worldwide. The database supports financial institution, government, MNCs in due-diligence, marketing and promotion, business opportunity screening, and data analysis. It generates 360 degree of insightful perspectives via company basic information, subsidiaries and related entities, senior executives, capital raising and investments, financial and operating performance, lawsuits, operational risks, intellectual properties, etc.
Alternative Data
Demands of non-traditional data are increasing from investment managers, traders, major investors and corporate leaders. Wind has a variety set of alternative data of different markets, in order to help investors to identify opportunities and develop new strategies.
  • ESG rating
  • Online sales
  • PE/VC
  • Policies and regulations
  • Land auctions
  • Global carbon emissions
Data Customization
Wind has sophisticated data processing methodology by experienced data processing team and rigorous quality assurance team. Leveraging our strong underlying database and efficient data synchronization technology, we are able to conduct the processing, calculation and transmission of all kinds of data requests, such as tailor-made stocks and bonds forbidden pool, customized regulatory statements and indexes, etc.
A professional and authoritative data quality inspection system
Wind always regards the integrity and quality of data as the foundation. Wind ensures the accuracy of data through various technical means, strict process control and various scientific verification methods. The Wind Data Standards Committee tracks market dynamics and customer feedback, and develops data indicators and standards constantly. The committee is dedicated to ensuring that all important information and data is captured.
A secure, stable and capable technical architecture
Throughout its development history, Wind has always been emphasizing the importance of R&D. All of our systems and technology architecture are built proprietarily upon technologies with sophisticated independent intellectual properties. The core system allows millions of concurrent users to download data, retrieve information and check real-time market dynamics.
Trusted and preferred by clients
Wind maintains outstanding service and technology track records since the inception of the company. We adopt customer-centric approach to provide technology support throughout the project, intelligent data processing monitoring, multi-channel servicing, etc. across the whole business process, to satisfy the comprehensiveness, high efficiency and personalized service needs of our clients. In nearly 25 years of operation, we persist in improving service quality and technical capability just for your recognition and satisfaction.