Database Synchronization
Wind Data Service (WDS) was developed in 1999, which is a pioneer product to provide financial data services for institutional clients in China. Benefits from our high quality services and perennial accumulation of experiences, Wind has become an iconic company in terms of data services. We provide professional data solutions for financial institutions, professional service organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions globally. Our database comprehensively covers A shares, B shares, futures, bonds, funds, new three boards, Hong Kong stocks, asset management, wealth management, macro industry, announcement information, etc. In addition to this, WDS is also compatible with various databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc., and supports transaction, valuation, asset management, risk control, credit evaluation and other system interface customization.
Data synchronization client
Wind independently developed the FileSync, which is a data synchronization application. FileSync can automatically detect, download, update and import files, and synchronize the released data to the local client under smooth networks. Our data services completely fulfilled demands of time-efficiency and stability from quantitative research, middle-end and back-end works.
Features and advantages
Comprehensive support for various scenarios
Wind data services can fulfill client needs of various financial institutions, such as investment research, trading, valuation, credit evaluation and risk control
Standard and user-friendly data structure
unified data standard, reasonable module classification and form design, facilitate clients to understand and leverage data conveniently
Efficient and practical synchronization system
the independent and self-developed FileSync data synchronization system able to realize rapid data download, automatic storage, intelligent obstacle removal and other corresponding functions
Flexible and convenient module subscription
on the basis of table authorization, Wind synchronously launched module subscription service, which is easy for users to select data flexibly, and provides convenience for subsequent applications
Personalized and tailored service
Based on the in-depth understanding of data, Wind customer service would define and develop high-quality customized data according to clients’ needs
Preferred choice for financial talents
Wind data services cover thousands of global financial institutions, regulators, exchanges, asset management companies, etc.
Data dictionary
Moreover, Wind data service just launched a web-based data dictionary portal, supporting online illustration and export of table and data, as well as fuzzy search and other functions. Clients can study Wind database through data dictionary, sample data and Q&A guidance instantly, to master the product quickly and improve work efficiency. Let alone the online data portal provides a full range of real-time monitoring, which is convenient for users to aware account heartbeat and status of data updates.
System support
Quantitative trading system
provides investment and trading supports, covering full-services for financial institutions such as fund, securities and trust, etc.
Risk management system
supports unified data management, internal rating, credit granting, credit risk management for credit products, counterparties, guarantors and mortgages
Asset management system
applicable to the management of securities investment funds, trust plans, asset plans, social security funds, insurance assets, pooled financial management, enterprise annuities, QFII / QDII, securities brokerage and other assets under custody of the custodian bank
Financial management system
a comprehensive business platform provides investment, accounting and valuation services of financial products for banks or other institutions
Valuation system
provides delicacy and auxiliary management services of pricing, accounting, bookkeeping, compliance monitoring, account checking and P&L analysis for financial instruments
Credit rating system
an internal credit rating system to identify, assess and manage credit risks. The internal credit rating as core service, which covering rating modeling, internal rating management, and rating application