Server API
Providing API interfaces including market-wide financial data, business data, macro-economic, information and opinion, as well as data with various thematic features, Wind Server API creates personalized data solutions for enterprise-level clients for data implementation, quantitative research, system integration and other business scenarios, enabling multiple types of corporate clients to quickly realize data empowerment and business implementation.
Scenario-based Solutions
Relying on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, API gateway and other technical bases, Wind provides enterprise clients from various sectors with massive, diversified and high-quality data API services to meet the diversified needs in all aspects by leveraging the indicator algorithm and models originated by Wind.
Intelligent Algorithms and Models
Server API can realize the full reuse of all kinds of index algorithms, models and logic on the client side. Focusing on the business itself by shielding the clients from complex arithmetic and correlations, Server API could further minimize the challenges and barriers in data acquisition and processing for enterprises.
API for Developers
With comprehensive API documentation and quality technical support, Server API brings access for enterprise developers to construct quantitative models, customize application and integrate internal system, achieving flexible flow and agile integration between data, applications and services.
Quantitative Trading
A comprehensive and extensive library of quantitative factors, fundamental and technical indicators as well as market data. A powerful aid for quantitative model construction, strategy back testing, data visualization and other business scenarios.
Investment Research
Flexibly build analysis templates with access to financial, corporate, information, macro and various specific data, to fully satisfy investment decisions and academic research from all perspectives in a myriad of fields.
System Embedding
Support for rapid data export allows enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively integrate into their own internal business systems as a seamlessly all-in-one.
SDK Integration
Secondary development and SDK integration of APIs, enable the landing of applications for enterprises and reduce the hassle of processing and operating and maintaining the data on your own from the bottom up.
Technical Architecture and Security Assurance
Backed by Wind API gateway, the Server API is equipped with user-insensitive refined distributed cache technology and unified authentication, load balancing, health check and other technologies. Meanwhile, the stability of the interface operation is monitored throughout the entire process to reduce the occurrence of systemic risks and to ensure the continuous high availability of data services to the public.