Real-Time Quotes
Wind provides an open and integrated market data service that aggregates market quotes from multiple exchanges and other data sources to support a wide range of business applications such as research, algo trading, portfolio management and risk management across institutions through uniform standards, low latency and high-quality transmission of data, empowering the financial industry to evolve from internet finance and data finance to smart finance.
More than 10 years of experience in securities data processing has helped Wind Quotes system to withstand severe market changes.
Dual-source, dual-active support for rock-solid systems and low failure rates
Ultimate decoding speed supported by specialized data compression and encryption technology
Easy to use
Unified APIs across multiple markets support for multi-dimensional subscriptions by markets, codes and data types, etc.
Real-time Quotes API
Wind HongHui is an authorized information provider of all major exchanges in China, providing real-time Level-2 market DataFeed of SSE, SSZSE, China Financial Futures Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It also provides historical Tick data, minute K-line data and daily K-line data of global stocks, indices, futures and options.
  • Supported language of TDFAPI: C++、C#、Java、Python
  • Supported dimension of subscription: Code, Data type and instrument type
  • Support for after-hour review
Historical Data
With a complete data quality control tools for intelligent detection and repair of historical quotes, historical data service provides quality information including TICK data, K-line data of any period, daily K-line data, transaction data, consignment data, consignment queue data, and de-weighting factor data.
Quotes System
TD Quotes System
Wind HongHui TD Quotes System provide low latency integrated real-time API DataFeed services of historical data for all kinds of financial institutions. It supports all kinds of internal business applications such as quantitative investment research, algorithmic trading, high frequency trading, programmed trading, statistical arbitrage, portfolio management and risk control by institutions.
FlashServer Quotes System
For users of high-frequency trading and programmed trading who have the ultimate desire for speed of quotes, FlashServer Quotes System offers nanosecond decoding of Level-2 quotes in SSE&SZSE, achieving a full-link delay of around 4 microseconds from receipt of exchange data to delivery to the client.