A Big-Data Analytics Platform of Corporate Insights
Global Enterprise Library (GEL)
Global Enterprise Library (GEL) covers information of over 200 million business entities worldwide. The database supports financial institution, government, MNCs in due-diligence, marketing and promotion, business opportunity screening, and data analysis. It generates 360 degree of insightful perspectives via company basic information, subsidiaries and related entities, senior executives, capital raising and investments, financial and operating performance, lawsuits, operational risks, intellectual properties, etc.
    • In-depth Information
      You are able to deep-dive into comprehensive corporate research by searching company, group, risk, connection, and leverage big-data labeling, relationship map, shareholding penetration, and other technical mechanisms in Wind GEL.
    • Shareholding Penetration
      Capturing various public information, accessing unparalleled coverage of near hundreds of millions enterprises, and removing tier restrictions of equity relationships.
    • Associated Relationship
      Detecting clues of associated relationship of any company and representative person via equity, induction, collaboration, logistics, to reveal path of connection between enterprises or individuals.
    • Financing and Credit Exposure
      Tracing historical (for over 30 years) and up-to-date information of companies’ financing, M&A, bank credit, government subsidies, PPP projects, credit rating, financial statements, ABS, etc. to provide full picture of financing activities and credit exposure.
    • Company Group
      Starting from operational patterns, analyzes group companies from a higher-level vision according to investment, equity and holding relationships.
    • Credit Report
      Generating and exporting company overview reports online, including client portrait reports, shareholding penetration reports, due diligence reports, etc.
    • Discover Emerging Companies
      Tracking emerging market entrants at real-time and focusing on high growth potential startups. Provides list of regional players, recommendation of follow-ups, cross region benchmarks via data mining and portrait analysis.
    • Enterprise Lists and Directories
      Aggregates various rankings of top performers, high potential enterprises and emerging market entrants.
    • Wind Map
      Able to display company and industry information of regional and industrial enterprises by district, by customized areas.
    • Company Movements
      Monitoring significant changes and events of the company, to realize live information push of selected companies.
    • Bidding
      Collects various types of public information; tracks inquiry, bidding and result announcement dynamically; able to target tender and bidder companies precisely.