Fund ESG Rating
To help investors analyze fund ESG and carbon emission levels comprehensively and avoid the risk of "greenwashing", Wind has conducted in-depth research on international fund ESG and portfolio carbon accounting methodologies. Combining global standards with Chinese market and industry characteristics, Wind has launched fund ESG rating and the first domestic carbon footprint rating to provide a comprehensive and traceable fund ESG score and carbon accounting data. Wind also introduced fund ESG classification, fund ESG labels and fund ESG factor series products to meet various application scenarios and needs:
Fund research: provide fund ESG and carbon accounting data to increase the dimension of fund research, identify fund ESG and carbon footprint levels, and identify fund products with high ESG quality and low carbon emissions.
Fund risk management: identify and manage ESG risk, climate change-related carbon emissions risk, and real-time controversial events risk at the portfolio and underlying asset level, to optimize investment strategies and fund risk management.
Reporting ESG performance: meet the information disclosure requirements of regulators and investors, report the ESG and carbon emission performance of the portfolio, and gradually fulfill commitments to social responsibility, net-zero emissions and responsible investment.
The WFT Fund ESG Rating module is featured with the followings:
Multi-dimensional In-depth Comparison
The Fund ESG Factsheet page supports multi-dimensional comparisons from historical trends, comparative underlying (including other funds, indices, fund categories, etc.), and fund ESG score composition components. Meanwhile, the fund ESG rating helps users to analyze the ESG performance of the fund's underlying assets through industry, rating trends, theme tags and other dimensions with full penetration.
Carbon Emissions Analysis
Built on the Wind GHG Emissions Database covering all China A-shares and Hong Kong listed companies, this function analyzes the fund's carbon emissions and carbon footprint. Users can use this function to grasp the ranking and distribution of the fund's carbon emissions performance among similar products, as well as to analyze the underlying asset penetration of the fund and its underlying carbon emissions in the industry.
Controversial Event Warning
Users can get the daily updated controversies performance of the fund's top position, to meet the demand of real-time monitoring of ESG controversial event risk. Wind ESG can help fund companies to identify ESG and climate change risks of managed funds and capture dual carbon opportunities.