Greenhouse Gas Emissions Database
As the carbon peak and neutrality goals approach, climate change is on top of the agenda of regulators and investors. Strengthening climate-related risk management is becoming a global consensus. Wind launched the GHG Emissions Database (including disclosed and estimated data), meeting diversified carbon data needs.
The database covers all China A-shares, Hong Kong listed companies and bond issuers. Wind constructed calculation model based on frontier research results on carbon data, determined parameters with reference to international benchmarks and the characteristics of Chinese market and industry, and incorporated absolute and relative emission intensity indicators to form the carbon emissions database.
The database aims to provide comprehensive and comparable carbon emission analysis to meet the diverse application scenarios of financial institutions and companies:
Empower Financial Institutions
Assess investment risk: understand portfolio's carbon emissions, measure and manage climate change-related transition risks, and optimize investment strategies
Design low-carbon products: explore low-carbon investment opportunities and construct portfolio that can meet the carbon peak and carbon nuetrality goals
Disclose carbon footprint: disclose and manage portfolio carbon footprint to meet regulatory and investor requirements
Empower Companies
Peer comparison: study carbon management of other peers, and establish the company's emission reduction plan and target baseline
Examine emission risks: track carbon emissions of companies in the supply chain, and examine the potential cost impact of carbon reduction
Optimize carbon disclosures: assist companies in gradually improving transparency of carbon reduction