Wind Economic Database (EDB)
A database and analysis platform for global macro and industrial economies
Driven by comprehensive, timely, accurate and fine-grained data, Wind EDB is equipped with powerful intelligent search, analysis tools, visual graphics and other features, and supports dynamic data extraction in the terminal and Excel. It is a “must-have” database for economists, strategists and research analysts to support their daily work.
    • China Macro Data
      Short updating latency as 5 minutes after data released

    Wind EDB covers daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual data for 3,000+ regions in China, with data drilled down to provinces, cities, districts and counties. It has become the benchmark for analysis performed by major institutions as it provides in-depth understanding of regional economic dynamics and access to detailed primary data. EDB provides institutional forecasts and actual published values for nearly 20 macro indicators on a monthly and annual basis, by aggregating macro forecasts from many reputable domestic and overseas research institutions.

    • Global Macro Data
      A global perspective on economic trends

    With a global perspective, EDB provides broad coverage of economic data from 200+ countries and regions, including granular macro data from G20, EU, ASEAN, Belt and Road Initiative members. The data indicators cover the fields of national economic accounting, balance of payments, population and employment, prices, finance, trade, manufacturing, real estate, etc., and closely track the essential economic trends and dynamics of key countries or regions around the world.

    • Industry Economic Data
      Millions of meso-economy data indicators unveiling industry insights and trends

    The industry economic data aggregates publically disclosed information in 21 major industries, and is segmented into major countries around the world and key regions in China, to help users keep abreast of the latest industry developments and make rigorous production and strategic decisions.

    • Enterprise Data
      Ten million micro indicators to discover corporate trends

    With nearly 2,000 special indicators of market and operating data of listed companies globally, EDB provides a bottom-up view on business trends and market movements of major global companies with edge of micro time-series data.

    • Global Economy Calendar
      Advance notice of important global events

    EDB provides a calendar of important economic data releases and financial events in China and around the world, enabling real-time tracking of the economic schedule of key countries and keeping abreast of the development in the world's major economies.