Asset Management Solution (AMS)
One-stop Solution for Asset Management Professionals
Integrated solutions for investment and research, AMS is a one-stop asset management platform in Wind Financial Terminal (WFT) with multi-asset, cross-market and multi-currency coverage.Enabled by seamless data integration and flexible system architecture, AMS optimizes investment and operation processes throughout the pre-investment, order execution and post-investment periods, delivering end-to-end solutions for professionals in different scenarios such as investment, trading, research, accounting and valuation, risk control and compliance.
AMS Drives Your Performance with Data, Analysis and Process Automation
Front Office
Real-time NAV
calculates key indicators such as real-time NAV, net equity, P&L, etc., for single security, industry, and portfolio.
credit ratings, stock ratings, research reports management; multi-strategy back-testing, and asset pooling.
asset allocation, Brinson attribution, Campisi attribution, FOF attribution, multi-asset attribution and other attribution models.
Middle Office
multi-asset class platform for stocks, bonds, funds, futures and non-standard assets; one-stop solution including order placement, approval, backfilling, inquiry, etc.
global trading execution solutions with connection to all domestic and foreign brokers.
library with standard compliance rules covering regulation, internal control, and management requirement; market risk, stress test, and real-rime monitoring.
Back Office
generates asset/liability accounts for ALM, supports customizable accounting in IFRS financial statements (IFRS9).
displays full matches with multiple sources such as prime brokers, custodians, as well as fund administrators
regulatory reports for CSRC, CBRC, PBOC, user-defined reports with pre-loaded templates, tailored operation/marketing reports.
Our Advantages
Demand-oriented system architecture
Front-to-back workflow
Service-oriented updates
Exceptional product experience
Competitive product pricing
Extensive Customer Coverage
Serving thousands of banks, insurance companies, security firms, mutual funds, trusts, hedge funds, etc., with comprehensive understanding of industry needs.
Global Multi-asset Class
Covering all asset classes such as stocks, bonds, funds,commodities, financial futures, options, and OTC assets in a cross-market range.
Wind Financial Database
Leveraging the Wind Financial Database with the most accurate, widely-used, and authoritative data in the financial market of China.
Wind ESG Database
As the world's most comprehensive China ESG database, Wind ESG is created by integrating domestic and international ESG scientific rating methodologies, providing ESG ratings and related underlying data, carbon emissions data of all A-share listed companies, as well as ESG database of hundreds of unlisted corporate bonds. It also publishes authoritative ESG series of indices and A-share rating rankings.
Wind Business Database
A comprehensive and powerful database including economic database (EDB), global enterprise library (GEL), product and supply chain database (PDB/SDB), medical database and other vertical industry databases, serving investment researchers across a wide range of industries worldwide.
Service-oriented Updates
System launch in 3 days at the earliest, providing weekly disruption-free system upgrades and enhancements for service optimization.
Security and Stability
Registered at CSRC and Cyberspace Administration of China, AMS is guaranteed by extensive standards and techniques including ISO27001, Level III certification of Information system security, confidentiality agreement, biometric identification and so on.