Wind ESG Rating
Substantial and Transparent Data, Comprehensive and Independent Rating, One-stop Access to In-depth ESG Information
Based on thorough research on international standards and guidelines including ISO 26000, SDGs, GRI Standards, ISSB Standards, TCFD Recommendations, etc., Wind combines the policies and status quo of ESG disclosures of Chinese companies and leverages its strong data collection, analysis and processing capabilities to build a unique ESG rating framework for Chinese companies, known as 'Wind ESG Rating'. Wind ESG Rating provides fully transparent underlying data and scores, enabling users to integrate ESG with fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis, risk management and indexing to drive the implementation and development of sustainable investment in China.
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Wind ESG Applications
Flexible and Customized Data and Services to Provide Data-driven ESG Solutions
Wind ESG covers data with different granularities. Through various channels such as Wind Financial Terminal or DataFeed, users can easily access the data and flexibly apply it in research and decision-making to manage ESG risks, implement ESG investment strategies, and respond to regulatory requirements.
Platform-wide Integration to Meet Various Application Scenarios
Wind ESG Rating Special Application: provide ESG data, news, research reports, forums, serving as one-stop ESG information platform.
Stock Snapshot: displaying ESG rating information of companies from multiple dimensions.
In-depth Information (F9) : comprehensive ESG analysis of individual stocks.
In-depth Analysis: analysis of ESG performance of the fund's underlying investments in terms of industries, rating trends, theme labels, etc.
Multi-dimensional Comparison: supports multi-dimensional comparison, such as time, peer analysis (including funds, indices, fund categories, etc.) and fund ESG score composition dimensions, etc.
Risk Warning: analysis of the ESG controversial events of fund TOP 10 holdings is updated on a daily basis.
Carbon Emission Analysis: the first domestic fund carbon footprint rating framework, providing fund carbon emission information and industry penetration analysis.
In-depth Information (F9) : comprehensive analysis of ESG performance of bond issuers.
ESG Bond: access to a holistic view on ESG bond issuance.
GHG Emissions Data
Covering all China A-Shares and Hong Kong listed companies, and bond issuers, providing disclosed and estimated data.
Scientific and effective calculation model, bridging the data gap and supporting batch data export and comparison.
AMS Real-time Monitoring: incorporates ESG rating, ESG score etc., to gain a real-time view of the ESG performance of all holdings in the portfolio.
AMS Asset Allocation: provides an overview of ESG distribution of the portfolio and enables comparison with benchmarks and other funds.
AMS Portfolio Report: ESG rating and portfolio carbon emissions are integrated into various reports such as market report, operation report and performance report.
AMS Performance Attribution: ESG rating factors are incorporated into the performance attribution evaluation system to explore ESG investment strategies with excess returns.
AMS Compliance Risk Control: pushing ESG risk events of investment portfolios in real time with a variety of ESG compliance strategies.
Excel Add-in, Data Explorer
Batch export of ESG ratings and scores, enabling comparison across industries and sectors.
Provide data export service within a specific time range to grasp changes in ESG rating scores of companies.
Deeply embedded EXCEL add-in to meet the personalized needs of ESG investment.