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Wind Client API
API is abbreviation of “Application Programming Interface”.Benefiting from Wind Client API, you are able to securely and consistently access database, build data-rich models, and handle business issues from any internal or third-party application.Whether you're an analyst, trader, portfolio manager or software engineer, Wind API will assist you in achieving career excellence simply through few lines of codes.
Applicable business scenarios
Company and Industry Analysis
Access to fundamentals, equity events, financial performance, profit forecasts and other data of global listed companies via API, and build analysis and models to inform investment decisions.
Quantitative trading
Access to fast market quotations of all asset classes (stocks, bonds, funds, commodities, exchanges, options, etc.) through standard API; supports powerful historical backtracking, and historical daily and tick data playback.
Macro research
API supports more than 8,000,000 time-series of macro and economic data around the world. You are able to constantly connect with global dynamics, let alone to conduct in-depth analysis on global macro-economic and market trends.
Portfolio management
With API or application plug-ins, you can track the performance, assessment and market indicators of your portfolios, to further improve investment strategies and optimize ROI.
Risk monitoring
From API, you can receive news and risk events of your target assets or portfolios, sourcing from hundreds of financial media sites, industry websites and thousands of official channels. Moreover, AI emotional analysis will help you to evaluate and monitor potential risks.
Pricing and Modeling
Use the Wind bond series calculator engine to convert yield, net price, and full price. The result of calculation is consistent with the front desk, which is a market recognized calculation standard.Use the Option Pricing Calculator to realize fast pricing of single/multiple option combinations.
Wind intelligent API application uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and other technologies to conduct financial entity recognition, financial translation, research report dismantling and other applications.
Our advantages
Covering financial, macro and industry data with millions of independent indicators under all major asset classes.
Data sources contain, globally, hundreds of industrial guilds, transaction service agencies, and tens of thousands of industry specialized websites, etc.
Our professional data processing system, strict quality control process, and preferred data updating frequency are highly regarded by our clients.
Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Kylin system. Supports six programming languages: Python/MATLAB/R/C++/C#/VBA.
The code generator (terminal command: CG) helps to further improve programming efficiency and reduces operational threshold.
All of our systems are built upon self-developed technologies with sophisticated independent intellectual properties. The core system allows millions of concurrent users to download data, retrieve information and check real-time market information.
The real-time monitoring system supervises all inputs under public, test and development environment, in order to ensure the safety and stabilization during work.