Wind Financial Terminal

  • WFT One-Stop Platform for Chinese Financial Data and Information

The Wind Financial Terminal provides investment professionals with the data and insights they need to understand China's
complex capital markets and economy. The terminal integrates the most comprehensive and accurate market data,
fundamental data, research, news, and analytics tools across all asset classes in China.
We count over 90% of investment professionals in China as our clients; the Wind Financial Terminal helps you to keep up
with the competition.
    • Market Data

    We aggregate level one and level two market data for China’s equities,
    commodities, and futures exchanges as well as quote and transaction data
    from the interbank market. Additionally, you can access exclusive pricing data
    from market makers on the Wind platform.

    • Fundamental Data

    Access the broadest set of fundamental data available on China, including disclosures
    that other data vendors haven’t even considered. We have been collecting this data
    for over 20 years, so you can trust that what you get is accurate.

    • Research

    Understanding China from the other side of the globe is tough. We offer you direct
    access to local research from the sell-side and independent firms on companies,
    industries, and the economy.

    • News

    Market-moving stories come from local media with the most access to
    company management and government officials. Get those stories first on
    the Wind platform, not second-hand.

    • Analytics

    China’s capital markets combine a unique blend of rules, participants, and data
    disclosure requirements. Over 20 years of operation, we have produced
    a complete suite of analytics tools to help you tease signal from the noise.

    • Excel Add-In

    Integrate data seamlessly into your own spreadsheets with the Wind Excel Add-in.
    Create reports that feature real-time, historical, and automatically updating datasets
    on China’s markets and economy.

    Don’t use Excel? Not a problem. We also offer open API for Matlab, R, C++, C#,
    Python, and VBA.

    • Service

    China’s unique markets and transitioning economy are difficult to
    understand. Our service teams will give you the context you need to
    develop data-driven insights.

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  • Hong Kong
  • New York
  • London
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