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Wind Info (Shanghai Wind Information), specializing in providing services for China’s institutional investors, launches a securities analysis application for the mobile sector, enabling you to share a completely new securities investment experience with 50,000 financial professionals.
  • Information and data covering the global financial market, including stocks, bonds, futures, FX, funds, indexes, the macro economy and industry - accurate, timely and complete financial information is available around the clock.
  • Unified login account with Wind PC terminals allows you to jointly share stocks, portfolio and news feed in PC terminals, tablets (e.g. iPad) as well as mobile terminals.
  • Ample DES information of individual stocks, including company profiles, shares held by main force, share capital and shareholders, financial data, and more; Wind Info’s flagship columns such, as “Lujiazui Breakfast” and “Stock Market Investment Reference”, are also available here.
Wind Info is a leading financial information service provider in China, providing the most complete and most accurate financial data, as well as powerful analysis tools for financial professionals in the domestic market. Over 1,600 institutions are Wind Info’s clients, including 100% of domestic fund management firms, 100% of national commercial banks, 85% of domestic securities firms, 75% of QFIIs and 60% of domestic insurance companies.
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