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Full Synchronization
Stock watchlist and sectors of financial terminal(PC).
SSE & SZSE, HK, USA, Real-Time Quotes
Provide you stock quotes and comprehensive analysis by multi-indicators and massive data.
Interbank Bond Quotes
Broker quotations and best bid-ask prices of Fx trading center.
All in one screen.
24-hour global financial news with images and texts.
Information/Focus News
Bring you a deep,comprehensive and multi-perspective understanding of major events.
Global Financial Markets
A full coverage on global financial markets.
Can not be more.
Market/SSE & SZSE
SSE & SZSE index, industry/concept sectors, overall ranking, up and down charts, etc.
Market/Foreign Exchange
Real-time and historical quotes on global Fx, RMB Fx,offshore Fx,CNY forward,CNY swap, etc.
Wind Search
Securities, news, announcements, research reports, economic data search, all at your fingertips.
Wind financial community connects you with professionals in finance by voice message, texts and pictures immediately.
3C China Conference Call
Follow the financial pulse closely, sign up for a public meeting on mobile phone, dial in with one touch,and quickly view the history.
Shorthand for meeting and listen to the recording.
Research Report Platform
180W+ research papers are waiting for you.
Perfect for iPad
Super vision, multi-terminal synchronization, excellent experience.
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