• Wind Economic Database

The Wind Economic Database pairs over 1.3 million macroeconomic and industry time series with powerful
graphics and data analysis tools to give financial professionals the most comprehensive insights into
China's economy.
No one else aggregates as many official, quasi-official, and private data sources in one place as we do.
    • China Macro
      and Industry Data

    Track China's economic development with extensive data covering 15
    macro concepts such as national accounts, foreign trade, banking,
    securities markets, employment and wages and fixed-asset investment.

    Highly granular data on sector pricing, imports and exports, production,
    sales, inventory, and operations helps you track movements in China's
    fast-moving business landscape.

    • Analysis Tools

    Quickly sketch out an investment thesis using our easy-to-use analysis and
    graphics tools. Additionally, all data can be seamlessly integrated into your
    Excel spreadsheets.

    • Templates

    We've created for you a collection of ready-made templates to monitor
    developments in China's economy in real time so you don't have to reinvent the
    wheel. Additionally, we'll point you to datasets you hadn't even considered.

  • Shanghai (headquarter)
  • Hong Kong
  • New York
  • London
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