Wind Data Service
As the leading financial data provider in China, we equip investment professionals with accurate and complete data on
stocks, bonds, funds, derivatives, indices, and the macroeconomy. Additionally, our experience support staff provides
clients with context and interpretations of the data necessary for developing alpha-generating signals.
Technical Service Solutions
With over 20 years of experience, we deliver both turnkey and bespoke data solutions to institutional investors.
    • SSE & SZSE Stock Database

    Access the deepest and broadest set of data on Chinese listed companies
    including fundamental, pricing, capital structure, corporate governance,
    transactions, events, news, and ownership data.

    • China Bond Database

    The most comprehensive database on China's fixed income markets
    including fundamental, pricing, credit rating, and transaction data.

  • Wind Consensus Estimates Database
    We aggregate the most complete collection of earnings forecasts from local analysts.
  • Wind Public Opinion Database
    We offer a complete collection of news stories with original text and tags to help you profit
    off market-moving news in China.
    • Business System Interface

    Wind provides customized interfaces to connect with
    practitioner business systems.

  • Shanghai (headquarter)
  • Hong Kong
  • New York
  • London
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